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June 2023
Opening Letter

Dear members and friends:

Is there a substitute for experience? Is there a way to really be aware of something without having experienced it yourself? How much value is there in walking in another person’s shoes?

Some of those questions were answered this week in our meeting with the Interim Police Chief Jackie Guinn-Villaroel who offered the Police Academy simulator to our group following her presentation of her career “so far.” We were able to “be” a police officer in situations they face in the community. We all came away deeply affected by the experience.

May 2023
Opening Letter

Dear WOC & WWAR Community,

Hello Summer! We hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with enthusiasm for the month of June. At WOC & WWAR, we remain dedicated to being part of the solution and are thrilled to be on this journey with like-minded individuals who share our goals. We believe that through building relationships built on trust, we can take meaningful action and make a lasting impact.

At WOC&WWAR, our commitment goes beyond mere words—we believe in putting in the work to create tangible change. We understand that it takes more than discussions; it takes action driven by purpose and passion.

April 2023
Opening Letter

Hello friends and colleagues,

We started this group in the summer of 2020, when the city was convulsing with the death of Breonna Taylor and we knew that something had to be done.  

We have now been through the spring of 2023, when the city is hurting from two mass shootings in the same week, and we know something has to be done. 

Opening Letter

Dear Colleagues:

We invite you in this letter to look back and then to look forward.

Breonna Taylor was killed in Louisville, our city, three years ago this month. She is in a cluster of killings that year that resulted in widespread distress, concern, and then action. The formation of our group, WOC & WWAR, is but one of the many outgrowths. Since our founding, we have remained committed to our mission- bringing Black, White, and Women of Color together for education, socializing, and building stronger bonds. We started small but are deeply committed and working to increase our effort's radius. 

February 2023
Opening Letter

Dear Members and Colleagues: 

If you are reading this newsletter for the first time, welcome!  We are glad to have you in this community, or to explore this community.  We are something of a cultural exchange, as Black women and White women get to know each other, interact with each other, and understand the various cultures from which we come.   The more time we spend together, the more value we find. 

We recently reviewed how far we’ve come since 2020.  Here are some questions we asked then:  Why would people join? What are they hoping to gain? What type of support can we provide? Is there a project or interest to share? (and here’s one from the first year of the pandemic: are we interested in meeting in person?)  

January 2023
Opening Letter

Dear Members and Colleagues: 
At our family holiday gathering this year, our “parlor game” was to make inquiries of ChatGPT to explore the capabilities of this new AI and machine-based learning tool. We learned a lot about the margins of this tool’s capability.  
So for this edition of our newsletter, we asked ChatGPT how to build relationships between Black and White women. Here is the AI generated answer:

December 2022
Opening Letter

Dear friends of WOC & WWAR,

It’s the end of the year when we traditionally look back and look forward. We’ll do that, but we are going to look forward first, to make sure you add these dates to your calendar! 

  • January 20th - Lunch and tour of "We Fought for our Freedom" Exhibit at Roots 101 (downtown).

  • February 21st – Premiere of KET’s documentary "The Alice and Wade Houston Story" at Speed Art Museum's Cinema (reception to follow).

November 2022
Opening Letter

Dear friends and colleagues

Hello Members and Friends of WOC & WWAR:

Welcome to December, when so many of us come together to celebrate, enjoy, reflect, and plan ahead.  As you plan your time, we so hope that it includes time with women in our group.  We offer these opportunities: 

October 2022
Opening Letter

Dear friends and colleagues:

On our journey together over the past two years, we have focused on two main pillars of action:  (1) education and (2) collaboration and celebration. 

We are continuing our emph
asis on each of these and we hope you can join us for the upcoming events:

September 2022
Opening Letter

Dear colleagues: 

As we enter the fall months, we are finding that “busy is back.”  After the years of COVID disruption which was void of communal events, they are now returning to our calendars!  We hope that you are benefiting from the time together.

At WOC & WWAR, we know that we are competing with other events for your attention, and we are working hard to make sure that we are actively benefiting from our get-togethers in conversations, contacts, and education and cultural exchanges.  It meets our goal to make sure that women are crossing paths with those they would not ordinarily meet.  We know that those who attended our recent Game Night (see photos) thoroughly enjoyed it (and the 1400 pieces of modern art on the property were simply incredible.)

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